From what I gather, Eric marries Freyda and wants to still keep Sookie on the side, still loves her. Sookie is not okay with that (ETA: not sayin Sookie should be okay with that). So she is going to stay in BT and see if it works out with Sam, take it slow. 

So yes, not an ending where the heroine “gets what she wants” more like an ending where the heroine doesn’t get what she wants and settles for her BFF. I think that is screwed up, but what do I know. 

Ask yourself this, if the news today was from Germany was Eric is the HEA, we would be having a party about now. Instead no one is particularly happy. I mean how many people write their opinion “I have a bad feeling it is going to be Sam” —- duh —- well it is bad feeling time. 

Oh well, I am glad Sookie is happy, and I really hope she is. Doesn’t sound like she got what she wanted though, which makes me unhappy.